We are committed to easing the challenges for relocating doctors.

Everyone Benefits from the DRS Agent Network

One of the primary goals of the DRS Network is to provide information to doctors when they need it, anytime of the year and to provide ongoing industry education for participating agents year round. Aside from always being just a phone call or email away for to assist with any question any time, DRS also offers educational webinars, on-site workshops, handouts and email updates. Our webinars are fan favorites. Doctors are so appreciative of the information and how everything is laid out laid out. They love the fact that we offer Q&A throughout and make the session as interactive as possible. Our webinars for agents help them stay at the top of their game and assist with providing the highest level of service to doctors so that they themselves can act as a resource.

Hopefully we can serve as a resource for you. Not sure where to begin? Feel free to call us at 1-877-437-7735 or send us a note. 

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