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Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to the launch of the DRS Network blog. I am excited to add another channel by which to communicate with agents across the country. I hope to keep you up to date on matters affecting both real estate agents and doctors in the world of real estate. Since 2008 there have been industry changes yearly, if not more frequent, that impacted the home buying process.

While much has settled down since then, the industry is still adjusting to new times, new compliance requirements. Agents should be experts in each new change. While doctors do not need to understand or even know all the details, it is important they feel comfortable that their agent does. And when needed, the agent must be able to explain in detail to the doctor. After all, it will impact the home buying and selling process. Lenders, appraisers and title companies have all had to tweak their process with each new regulation.

Of course aside from changes in regulations, there will also be plenty of other topics to cover. Trends in home values, rates, tips on buying and selling and somethings we learn while on the road presenting workshops to doctors across the country. So I welcome questions, comments and feedback as we begin this dialogue. I hope to be helpful. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter for emailed updates and don’t forget that you can shoot us a note anytime with any question.

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